Having your bike set up to suit your body, riding style and flexibility is imperative for comfort and performance.


ErgoFiT is a scientifically formulated dynamic bike fitment system developed by Dr Jeroen Swart, a well known sports physician and exercise physiologist in the field of cycling. It uses specific scientific parameters, such as training history, flexibility, and measurements such as leg length, height and arm length are captured.


We are then able to use algorithms to generate an extremely accurate predicted bike fitting report.


Leeroy is a Qualified ErgoFIT Specialist, and does full ergo fit bike setups from the Hillcrest studio, 7 days a week. Booking is required. Each fit takes approximately 2 hours .


You can book and pay for your ErgoFIT Bike Setup online using our convenient store! 


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ErgoFIT Standard


INCLUDES Full dynamic bike fit. All body measurements taken and used to give effective bike fit - bike size, stem length, crank length...

Cleat position, shoe stack & shimming


INCLUDES Cleat position setup Shoe stacking Shoe shimming   EXCLUDES any parts that need to be changed, new cleats, ...

Bike & Component Sizing


INCLUDES All body measurements taken and used to give the correct info when buying a new bike or components. Effective top tube length,...

Additional Bike Setup


Got two bikes and need both setup? Additional bike setups will be charged at R399...

ShockWiz suspension setup


ShockWiz is a suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. Ligh...