Reform Cycling is an Indoor Cycling Studio based in Hillcrest KZN, but we also aim to offer training to the cycling enthusiast who can’t make it to the gym. We offer our clients a personalized approach that affords each client a tailored training program to fit their individual schedule and needs – the options are indoor training or online training.


We structure our training to each individual, based off of their Functional Threshold Power (FTP). 


Your FTP is represented in watts (units of power). Without getting too in depth, we use your FTP to structure training sessions to improve your performance in the various zones of power – we will spend longer in some zones with lower power output, and shorter, harder spurts in zones of higher power. As you get stronger, your FTP will improve, and your training will be adjusted accordingly.


The studio is equipped with Cyclops power based bikes. Each bike is fitted with an Apple iPad and equipped with Cyclops Virtual Training software, which allows you to ride virtual routes, online races, workout modes or just a basic free ride mode.


The data can be synced with any other platform of your choice – Strava, Training Peaks, Momentum multiply etc.


Looking for that extra edge over your competition? Come in and try us out for a free FTP test and a follow up sessions, on us!